Throughout her 20-year real estate career, Jennie Wolek has learned the importance of creating leverage with people, systems, and tools. By discovering her mission—to empower others to live a focused, purposeful life—Jennie has a newfound enthusiasm for building relationships, both in her community and with real estate agents. She enjoys expanding her team to help more families and give back to her local community by supporting small businesses and promoting and donating to nonprofits. Jennie also loves adding value to other agents through her Your Journey with Jennie blog and Facebook group and by teaching and training on her favorite topics to agents across the country and in her local market.

Last year Jennie and The Wolek Group helped 200 families, generated and shared over 100 referrals, and donated more than $20,000 to deserving local and national charities. She also created a series of classes—the "Mirror My Business" workshop and an "Implement My Business" six-week series—and launched a membership group called "Maintain Your Momentum." With even bigger goals this year, Jennie and The Wolek Group will live their motto to Help More, Give Back, Live Large, and Have Fun!