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My biggest a-ha is from using Jennie's guidance in class to discover my why and form my own personal mission statement. It was sooo revealing and I have come back to it many times since class. It gives me more clarity and is like a rudder in my business decisions. The scripts and other tips and tricks were amazing, too.

- Missy Webb, Norman, OK Agent

We had Jennie out to CA earlier this year and she ROCKED! Our agents still talk about her to this day. So genuine and authentic. She truly connected with and inspired our team!

- Patrick Woods, Elk Grove, CA Operating Partner

We want on your calendar Jennie Wolek! Norman, OK fills the rooms to see Jennie share the success of her business. She is systems-based and always serving with her heart!! She makes my TL job easy!!!!!!!

- Stephanie Chapman, Norman OK Team Leader

Jennie Wolek came to our market center in Littleton, CO a month ago and knocked it out of the park! Not only is she as sweet as can be with an infectious smile, she's super successful and smart! She shared so much stuff during our class. Sphere contact ideas, goal setting, leveraging, and video! She is worth every minute you get to spend with her and more!

- Kathy Hanson, Denver, CO, Agent

One day I was on Facebook and somehow managed to click on one of Jennie’s ads or links floating around; that link led me to Jennie’s Facebook page which I gave a “like”. Since then, I’ve been receiving value and useful tools for my business. I have been a realtor for over 2 years now with Keller Williams Arlington and I love it! I watch and listen to all the “Your Journey with Jennie” videos. The videos are great insight for someone who is new, and to see what my business can be now and in 3-5 years.

- Cooper Williams, Arlington, TX, Realtor

I Love the transparency in Jennie’s classes. She is very real, and genuinely wants everyone attending to learn from her mistakes and fail forward.

- Brittany Whinery, Tulsa, OK, Agent

FAIL FORWARD! I love how Jennie is open and courageous about sharing some of her failures and how she is getting through them. It's easy to get the impression that successful people/agents no longer fail. Hearing her talk about the failures she is working through gives me the the best perspective on my failures and reinforces that failures are really just great stepping stones on the way to success, and that every failure I get through just makes me a better person and agent.

- Chandra Hall, Tulsa, OK, Agent

You made me laugh out loud over your “I hate people” phase. Oh my god girl, you and I could write a whole book on that topic alone! The truth is, I don’t hate anyone, I truly want to help people and my heart is always in the right place. But people can be difficult and unreasonable, and they can push a person into a state of wondering why they keep showing up day after day for the abuse! Some folks just can’t see all the hoops you’ve jumped through to accommodate them and appreciate nothing. I loved that you mentioned all this and made me realize I am not alone in feeling this way sometimes! All I can do is control my reactions to them and keep on being the best me. If they don’t get me, then their loss! Ha! Love you Jennie— keep on being positive and Just Jennie.

- Randi Wright, Tulsa, OK, Loan Officer

Database is EVERYTHING. Jennie is a phenomenal instructor. She cares about her attendees fiercely. She consistently brings new information and concepts to always be at the forefront of the topic. She's clear in her message, teaches from her heart and is passionate about the lives of her students.

- Tiffany

My Aha was that Jennie was in a similar position as me just a few years ago and she got real and intentional with her database and monumental growth accurred. It is always great to hear and learn from other agents on the same journey with ideas that can be realistically implemented.

- Joshua Holt

The class at Mega was the MOST valuable of the breakouts attended. The takeways were so great and way too many to mention and yet the one that has really stayed with me is - Gratitude. Just a call to say thank you for being awesome. I loved the simplicity of the 4 touches and will be implementing this. Finally this take away from James Shaw was so important I literally typed it in all caps - THESE PEOPLE ARE PAYING MY BILLS I MUST SHOW THEM IMMENSE GRATITUDE. WHEN WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE WE TELL THEM. So Jennie, thank you for taking us on your journey along beside you. I'm greatful for you.

- Amy Bower